According to Variety, Casey Affleck is in negotiations to play Gabriel, the messenger of God, in Alex Proyas' adaptation of John Milton's epic poem, Paradise Lost. Affleck will join Bradley Cooper and Ben Walker, who will play warring angels Lucifer and Michael, respectively, and Djimon Hounsou, set to portrary Abdiel, the angel of death. Variety is also reports that Diego Boneta and Camilla Belle have been offered the roles of Adam and Eve. 

Milton's Paradise Lost was a 17th century poem that told the story of Lucifer's fall from grace and the subsequent corruption of Adam and Eve. It has been studied at college campuses all over the globe for centuries and it is hailed as a literary masterpiece. But it's also an incredibly dense read that has been a regular for Spark Notes lovers for years.

Don't expect the movie to painstakingly recreate the intricacy of Milton's prose—Paradise Lost will likely recreate the mythology with the same bare-chested, ultra-violence of Sony's God Of War franchise. 

[Via Variety]