Can Disney Studio All Access Compete With Netflix?

Can Disney Studio All Access Compete With Netflix?

Netflix has to look over their shoulder since losing Sony and Starz, respectively, and now Disney is semi-quietly preparing to deliver a hard right hook. Named Disney Studios All Access or DSAA, the much-hyped service looks to offer fans access to their films across all mediums and multiple devices, including on-demand streaming, at no additional cost — ever. First teased back at the 2011 Disney D23 Expo, the House of Mouse is gunning for that number one spot with multi-faceted ways to watch your favorite Disney flicks.

With over 5 million digital entries, users can get a Blu-ray, a copy for their iPad, and on-demand streaming with all the behind-the-scenes extras as well. No longer will kids and grown-ups alike have to wait years to reclaim their favorites like Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. Buy it once and you can see it in a whole bunch of different ways. Could this be a trend that other studios will adopt if successful? Only time can tell, as it'll all come down to price point. Netflix instant watch feature still costs $8 bucks and that's a small bit a cheese that still covers a whole lot of popcorn.

A micro website has been created to promote the service for your enjoyment.

[via /Film]

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