The state of California just won’t let Robert Edward Forchion be great.

It’s been well-documented that the New Jersey native is a hardcore marijuana enthusiast. Weed has become an integral part of his life, from running his own medical marijuana den, to managing a Rastafarian temple in Los Angeles and even running for political office multiple times on the wings of marijuana-based platforms. Now he literally wants to write his name on a cloud by legally changing it to “” (his website, of course), and Johnny Law won’t let him rock.

The activist filed a petition in support of the change, but a California court ruled against him for three key reasons. First and foremost, domain names don’t last forever. Second, his site “advocates illegal activity”. Finally, the state of New Jersey already denied the quest. Most bloggers will ride or die for their domain name, but Forchion is on another cloud.

We hope he continues to fight the good fight, but considering the difficulty Ron Artest is experiencing in his quest to become “Metta World Peace”, we don’t see the state budging on this one.

 [via Gothamist]