Address: 2007 14th St. NW

Marvin pays homage to the late, great soul singer—"inspired by the story of Marvin Gaye's infamous two years in self-imposed exile in the small Belgian town of Ostend." This restaurant brings out the best in Soul food and Belgian food, slamming the two together creatively.

I wasted no time inhaling the moules frites and chicken and waffles entrées. The meuniere moules (mussels) frites (french fries) incorporated white wine, garlic, and shallots. The chew factor was semi-gamey, but when coupled with the frites made for a perfect match. The frites were long, not oily, and only lightly salted. The dipping sauces proved to be quite interesting, with three choices: ketchup, wasabi mayo, and curry mayo.

The country-fried chicken consisted of free-range chicken atop one small waffle above a mound of collard greens, everything surrounded by gravy. The chicken was crispy and juicy; nothing dry here. Two words come to mind about the chicken: lip smackin'. The waffle sat sandwiched between the chicken and the greens. It was airy, but paled in comparison to the succulent Amy Ruth's waffle in New York. Since the collard greens were on the bottom, it was a bit watery, but still manageable. My only real gripe is the waffle to chicken ratio: The waffle should have been bigger. Or there should have been two instead of one.

For a different yet refined take on Soul food, this is the spot.