B.o.B wants everyone to know that he’s not an asshole.

After being accused of dipping on a $1,060 tab at an Ithaca bar during Cornell University’s homecoming, and the rapper spoke to MTV News to clear the air. According to B.o.B, the incident was one huge misunderstanding, as he had no idea that the tab hadn’t been paid. He also noted that “sometimes people will give you one complimentary bottle or maybe two complimentary bottles, but in my head I'm always prepared to take care of the bill. I don't walk out on tabs."

While B.o.B has paid the bill to finally end the situation, he just wishes that the waiter would’ve spoken to him before running to the Cornell Daily Sun, saying that “whoever was responsible could've talked to me instead of using my name in an article.” He added that he would’ve “gladly paid the bill double for interest for not paying it." Nobody wants bad karma hanging over them.

We weren’t totally convinced that B.o.B enough of a dickhead to run out on a tab like that, and we’re glad he’s taken the time to address and mend the situation.

[via MTV News]