Amazon's entrance into the tablet market has been long rumored, but there have been little to no details about the device. Until now. The guys over at Tech Crunch were given an exclusive hands-on of what will simply be called the Amazon Kindle. Here's what they discovered. 

  • The device will be a 7-inch tablet with a capacitive, multi-touch screen.
  • The screen will be a full back-lit color display, no e-Ink. (According to the report, Amazon is working on developing a multi-touch screen/e-ink device.)
  • The 7-inch model will cost $25.
  • The custom Kindle OS was built upon an early version of Android (probably 2.2).
  • All Amazon services (Kindle Reader, Amazon Cloud, etc) are deeply integrated into the OS. There are no Google services built in.
  • Will initially be released as Wi-Fi only. 
  • There is no camera.

For a more in-depth look at the Kindle tablet, head over to Tech Crunch to read the full report. According to the writer, MG Siegler, the tablet was very responsive, very cool, and could be a big deal when it drops in October.

[via Tech Crunch]