Christopher “moot” Poole, founder of 4chan—breeding ground of Anonymous, but more importantly the greatest photoshops the world has ever seen—is looking to clean up his act. Staying close to his first brainchild, Poole has launched Canvas, a forum, like 4chan, encouraging image sharing, but this time offering in-browser customization—users can upload, tastefully edit, and add captions to photos in hopes of earning “LOL” stickers for popularity. Canvas has described itself as a “worksafe site,” which seemingly translates to “kid-friendly”—after all, it needs to stay away from the 4Chan’s level of insanity if it wants to secure lucrative ad partners.

However, early glimpses of the site show that it's already begun to devolve into another 4Chan. The world's much better for it.

[via ReadWriteWeb]