The last time you may have seen Heather Graham in something, it was probably breastfeeding a baby in The Hangover. So, welcome back, Heather! The ageless starlet will appear in the Fox sitcom Little In Common opposite the always hilarious Rob Corddry.

This is one you should keep an eye on, if only because it comes from the mind of Rob Thomas, who created Party Down and Veronica Mars. Per TVLine, Little In Common "centers on the Wellers (Corddry, Graham), who move from California to Texas, but find that their adjustment won’t be quite that easy considering their Latina single mother neighbor (played by Alana Ubach) has a radically different approach to child-rearing than they do. Meanwhile, their other new neighborhood acquaintances, the African American Burlesons (Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union) take sports way too seriously."

Sounds perfect. If only there was room for Ken Marino.

[via TVLine]