With the ubiquity of DSLR cameras amongst aspiring filmmakers and even professionals, it’s no surprise that developers are looking for ways to integrate the devices with others. 

For one, Chainfire has put together an Android app that can control a Canon DSLR by via USB. The app gives you a live view of what the camera is seeing, as well as allowing you to adjust the exposure compensation, the focus, toggle the histogram and snap the shutter. The beta form of the app is $8.50 on the Android market.

Because of the USB component, the Android phone or tablet must have a USB plug-in and be running Honeycomb. The Canon SLRs that work with the app are the 600D, 550D, 60D, 50D, 7D, 5D MkII and the 1D MkIV. Now, if only Lightroom catches up, your smartphone might soon be a mobile photo lab.

[via Wired]