Entourage kicked off its eighth and final season last night with a number of intriguing new storylines that make us mad at the fact that we only have seven episodes left to see it all play out. Since day one, we've vicariously lived through Turtle, Drama, E and Ari who've all respectively lived through Vince. We watched jealously as they hooked up with countless unnamed girls, shared the screen with celebrities from Kanye West and Eminem to Sasha Grey and Jessica Alba and attended parties we would've even be able to stand in line for. Suffice it to say, we'll miss the show for all those reasons and one more: Sloan, played by none other than Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Emmanuelle Chriqui arguably permanently glued HBO to the map of "Networks With The Hottest Chicks." But that's not to say the network had disappointed us before; just check out our list of the 25 hottest women from HBO shows.