Meatloaf once poignantly said that he would "do anything for love, but [he] won't do that." We never did find out what the "that" was (Eat crackers in bed? Cross-dress?), but we get the point. For Mr. Loaf, there was an important line to be drawn, some unnameable boundary for which love wasn't even worth crossing over.

The lovesick people we're about to discuss have conveniently disregarded Meatloaf's spot-on advice, or have just never seen his VH1 Pop Up Video segments. Either way, they have ignored all wisdom and common sense, instead choosing to take the bumpy, embarrassing and often illegal road of doing anything for love, no boundaries style.

With Crazy, Stupid, Love (in theaters tomorrow), and the fictional, all-chips-in for-love antics of Cal (Steve Carell), we thought we'd take a look back at the real-life, crazy stupidity of the most insane group of folks who have plagued our world since the dawn of time: people in love. So grab your prozac, get a firm hold on your self-respect and marvel at the 10 Craziest, Stupidest Things People Have Done For Love.