9. THE SPIRIT (2008)

At one point, Frank Miller was one of the best talents working in comics. Reinventing classic characters such as Daredevil, Wolverine, and Batman, Miller turned the whole genre upside down back in the '80s. Then, he went on to create Sin City, which changed the medium forever. But somewhere along the way he started to believe that he could direct movies as well. He was sadly mistaken.

The Spirit completely butchers its Will Eisner-created source material, introducing a whole bunch of strange elements that could have only been the products of Miller’s hooker-addled mind. The strange thing is that some of The Spirit is actually entertaining. There's a fair amount of genuine humor and some unique pop-art visuals that make the first 30 minutes or so mildly amusing. Unfortunately, Miller's directorial debut falls apart so quickly that there isn’t an aspirin large enough to quell the eventual headache you'll have if you actually muster up the courage to sit through the whole thing.