7. ELEKTRA (2005)

Jennifer Garner looks like the sweetest Boy Scout den mother you'd ever want to meet, the type of lady who makes sure all of her kid’s friends have a plate full of macaroons and a juice box to get them through the day. What she doesn’t resemble, however, is the world’s most fearsome female assassin, Elektra.

Based on the Marvel Comic, Elektra is the spinoff to 2003’s trainwreck Daredevil, revolving around the assassin’s battles with the Japanese cult known as The Hand. In the '80s, Frank Miller carefully crafted a Daredevil epic involving Elektra and The Hand and turned it into one of the most successful comics of all time. In this 95-minute film, however, director Rob Bowman eviscerated the plot and characters and turned Elektra into a movie more comparable to Mortal Kombat than Batman Begins.