Check the scenario: It's Friday night and you're on babysitting duty. Your sister asked you to watch your niece and her annoying little friends who keep bugging you about seeing the new movie Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (in theaters today). Based on the the Beverly Cleary children's book series, Judy Moody follows the titular character's summer adventures with her hippie aunt, Opal.

While we're sure this sounds absolutely fascinating to you, we can assure you that you won't fall asleep; Heather Graham graces the film as Opal, and, judging by how eccentric the film makes her out to be, we're expecting a G-rated version of her odd yet uplifting performance in The Hangover.

But if Graham isn't your type, nor a good enough reason to shell out $12.50 for a movie that, to many people, should've gone straight to DVD, you have other options. Just click through this list of the 25 Hottest Women In Kids' Movies, pick out your favorite, and snag a copy from Netflix. As a result, your Friday night can be spent with a hot girl, after all.