What's better than spending summer days amongst tanned women rocking bikinis at the beach? Well, as brought to light by the behind-the-scenes pics of Kate Upton getting her body painted for the most recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, a summer spent around chicks in bikinis that can wash off would be much better.

But we're not just talking about inanimate bikinis; sports jerseys and everyday clothing, such as rock band tees, can also be sprayed on rather than draped over. Just imagine an alternate universe in which women suit up in body paint at weekend barbecues, where the simple pull of a water gun trigger can spoil the outfit. Alas, in the real world, women have more common sense than that. So, let's just be grateful that the ladies in these photoshoots have so generously indulged our fantasies. Behold the 15 Hottest Women In Body Paint.