Roland Emmerich, the man who never met a landmark he didn't want to blow up, explode, or incinerate in a movie (such as Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow), is at the top of Universal's list to turn the 1979 hit arcade game Asteroids into a feature film.

Vulture reports that the Atari classic has been offered to Emmerich with Transformers: Dark Of The Moon producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura handling development duties. But how can a man, who has seemingly sworn off destroying the world in favor of developing other work (such as his upcoming Shakespeare conspiracy drama Anonymous) depict Earth's destruction? A-ha! The likely loophole is that Asteroid will take place after the planet has already been taken out.

With humanity depending on peacefully co-existing with our alien neighbors in outerspace, someone discovers that aliens may not be as friendly as expected, and were actually the cause of the Earth going bye-bye. We're sure the graphics will better than 8-bits and humans won't be flying in ships that look like the letter A, but does Asteroids sound like a summer blockbuster worth watching?

[Via Vulture]