HBO has had plenty of success with World War II miniseries (think Band of Brothers and The Pacific), and now the network is going to take a crack at World War I. The pay cabler has just greenlit Parade's End, a five-part miniseries set during the first world war.

Per Deadline, End is "set against the backdrop of World War I, it tells the story of a complex and destructive love triangle among a conservative English aristocrat, his beautiful but cruel socialite wife, and a vibrant young suffragette." Rebecca Hall, who can easily be described as "thinking man's hot," will play the socialite wife, while newcomer Benedict Cumberbatch (great name) will play the aristocrat. Cumberbatch will be seen later this year in Steven Spielberg's adaptation of War Horse.

Look for Parade's End on the air sometime during 2012.

[via Deadline]