He's not Tom Cruise, but Josh Lucas does have that same Tom Cruise crap-eating grin; as such, this casting makes a whole lot of sense: Lucas will star as Mitch McDeere in the NBC midseason series, The Firm.

The John Grisham-produced series will pick up ten years after the events of The Firm, with McDeere and his family exiting the Witness Protection Program.

Lucas was last seen in The Lincoln Lawyer, playing a lawyer, so this doesn't seem like much of a stretch for him. Though his appearance in that Matthew McConaughey film begs the question: when The Firm sequel gets an eventual big screen adaptation, will McConaughey swoop in to star? After all, he's got the Grisham connection with A Time To Kill, and he's good at playing legal counsel. Just spitballin'...

[via Deadline]