Update: According to New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter, Fox has announced that Cheryl Cole will not return to The X Factor. Nicole Scherzinger will take her place.

If you didn't know who Cheryl Cole was before she was hired-then-fired-then-maybe-rehired for The X Factor, then... well, you still might not know who she is. After all, the Fox talent competition series hasn't even aired yet, and Cole has already been either let go or brought back. Girl knows how to make an entrance.

Just a few weeks after it was reported that Cole's accent and negative chemistry with fellow judge Paula Abdul would force her out of the Simon Cowell-produced show comes word that Cole may be back on the judges' dais when X Factor debuts in the fall. Producers have reportedly asked her to return, but whether or not she does is still up in the air. Phew! That gives everyone in America some more time to find the answer to this burning question: Just who is Cheryl Cole, and why does Simon Cowell care about her so much? Perhaps the accompanying photo with this post is one reason.

Expect this circus to continue until X Factor debuts in September.

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