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Steven Spielberg is looking to exorcise the demons cast by the much maligned Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by returning to the sense of wonder and nostalgia that cemented him as one of the best working directors in Hollywood. And if this short teaser for The Adventures of Tintin is any indication, the veteran director has certainly gotten back on track.

Based on the French comic of the same name, The Adventures of Tintin is about a young reporter named, you guessed it, Tintin (Jamie Bell, rendered through motion capture technology) as he finds himself cowlick-deep in mystery and adventure all while accompanied by his trusty fox terrier, Snowy. While it never quite made an impact in the U.S., Tintin was, and still is, a huge success in Europe and has spawned numerous movies, radio dramas, television shows, and memorabilia.

Even though not much actual footage is shown in the teaser, The Adventures of Tintin shows off the next evolution of motion capture CGI that was featured in Robert Zemeckis’ films Beowulf and A Christmas Carol. And with producer Peter Jackson’s WETA studios handling the effects, that isn’t too surprising. What the trailer lacks in character moments it makes up for it in pure atmosphere. There is an easily identifiable sense of nostalgia that permeates the footage. This isn’t a modern update of the classic character; instead, it seems to take on the challenges of not only capturing Tintin in all of his glory but his early 20th Century world, as well. The CGI also isn’t based on mundane realism, but a stylized look that harkens back to the original comics from the 1930’s.

There really isn’t enough voice acting showcased in the teaser to give a strong indication on how Bell and Andy Serkis (who voices Captain Haddock) will fare, but with their track record and Spielberg at the helm, it’s safe to say it’ll play out just fine. Not to mention, Edgar Wright (director of Shaun Of The Dead and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) co-wrote the script. Sold yet?

Will this first installment of a proposed Tintin trilogy be a hit or will it struggle to attract an audience? We’ll find out when it’s released on December 23.