From new programs that just don't resonate with audiences to old shows that have run their course, the end of May is always a time to reflect upon the programs that have gotten plucked from next season's TV line-up. Most shows meet their doom because of terrible premises or storylines that have jumped the shark (although we don't understand how One Tree Hill is still on the air), while some shows just aren't given enough of a chance to gain momentum.

Whatever the reason, each canceled series will strike a nerve with some lonely individual who has become hopelessly attached to its cast and, more specifically, its leading lady. We can guarantee there's an Erica Durance (from Smallville) fan fiction forum and a YouTube video compilation of Summer Glau's best scenes from the awful superhero series The Cape in the works as you read this. Or, there's a list being done by bloggers (i.e., us) about the 10 Hottest Chicks We'll Miss From Canceled TV Shows.