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Off top, the Steven Spielberg-produced science fiction series Terra Nova reminds us of Avatar, perhaps a bit too much. Everything from the planet's distressed state to its characters traveling to a place where nature flourishes brings to mind the James Cameron-orchestrated mega-hit's expedition to Pandora, except, in this case, we're focusing on a human family, not a race of 10-foot-tall, blue-skinned creatures. And no Zoe Saldana (womp).

Instead of extra-terretrials, Terra Nova, set to air on Fox, will feature humans fighting against one another (and occasionally wildly raging Tyrannosaurus Rexes) to maintain the stability of a developing colony. The concept of traveling back in time to start a new beginning for mankind is fitting for a primetime television program. It has an aptitude to capture audience of diverse age groups, and, depending on how much money they have to drop on each episode, the plot, and Spielberg's name in the credits, hints at some lavish visual effects.

Unfortunately, the trailer fails to convince us that this will be anything above average. For something meant to be visually captivating, the scenery doesn't look much different than any random park in South America, and the money shots (i.e., dinosaurs) are lacking. And we're almost positive that some megalomaniac will want to rewrite history for himself (or herself) and go down as a G-O-D. No? Well, that's one way to make it more interesting.

Terra Nova will air on Monday nights this fall.