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Each and every fall, tons of new TV shows premiere on all of the major networks, yet for the most part they're all assembled a pile of reusable materials that's slightly updated from stuff released a year prior. Once in a while, though, viewers are presented with something more exciting than emergency room fiascos or homicide crime bonanzas. Person Of Interest, created by the masterminds behind Lost (J. J. Abrams), and The Dark Knight (writer, and director Christopher Nolan's brother, Jonathan Nolan), appears to be something slightly more unique than the average.

Michael Emerson (who kicked ass on Lost) plays Finch, a highly intellectual crime predictor/surveillance camera hogger/man of mystery, who assigns a former U.S. special intelligence trained agent turned New York street bum (played by Jim Caviezel) to stop crime before shits pop off. Stuff slices of Law And Order and Minority Report with some sprinkles of Wanted in a blender and you'll get a sense of what this unauthorized crime-fighting unit is out to achieve.

The above trailer/behind-the-scenes interview piece supplies everything you need to know about the show. Although the chemistry between the main characters feels a bit rigid, it's still too early to pinpoint a flaw in that matter. We'll just have to tune into CBS on Thursday nights at this fall to figure out if it was worth waiting for or not. In the meantime, let's remain positive.