On top of that, you also have a book in the works.

Jessica White: I do, it's called Overcoming Your Greatest Hurt. I've been writing this book for the past two years to be honest with you. It's a how-to slash autobiography and it's really going to tell a very in-depth story about my life - the sacrifices, the hurt, and the pain. But it's kind of like the twelve steps of healing. It basically goes into relapsing and overcoming all types of hurt -hurt from relationships, hurt from forgiving your mother, whatever it may be. Even the hurt you cause on yourself because not all the time pain is caused by someone else. It's about really getting over a self-destructive path and I think all women, all people in general would be able to relate to the book.

When was the moment that you realized that you wanted to sit down and write this book? What triggered it?

complex-interview-jessica-white-3Jessica White: I was actually preparing a speech to speak at a high school in upstate New York in Hamburg. I was going into the school to talk to troubled children and teenagers and they wanted me to talk about how you go from being ordinary to extraordinary. I was writing and, all of a sudden, God just took control over the pen and I just had all these notes. I was like,"This had nothing to do with the topic I have to talk to these kids about." When I looked up, I had about ten pages that I had written by hand. So it just kind of poured out of me like poetry.

So you just decided to continue that?

Jessica White: Exactly. Then I began to talk to publishers and ghost writers. I haven't used a ghost writer, but it's probably at that point now where it's time to because I'm way too busy to even finish it. I haven't picked up the book in about three weeks. I've been writing it by hand because I feel more comfortable and more connected to my work.

When do you plan on getting the book out?

Jessica White: Next year, hopefully. If I get a ghost writer. If I get someone to help me write it. [Laughs]. It's impossible for me at this point in time to take on everything. It's been three weeks. If you get outside the mindset in three weeks, it's kind of hard to tap back into what you were writing about, especially when you're doing chapter by chapter.

Speaking of being busy, you're also filming your own reality show. Or is it a documentary? Hopefully so—the world doesn't exactly need another celeb-based reality show.

Jessica White: It's a documentary. It is not a reality show. [Laughs]. It's really beautifully shot. Stylistically it's something that I'm really proud of. I'm not going to tell you how it's going to be shot because that would give it away but people are going to be like "Wow," and there's nothing like this that's out. It's called "The White Out: The Jessica White Project." I decided do it because after 14 years of being in this business, I feel like I'm comfortable enough to show that side to people.

You know, there's so many misconceptions about me and my personality. People think I'm not a nice person, you know, or maybe a diva; not just about me, but the misconceptions of other models as well, or supermodels. I wanted to be able to break that barrier down and give people a glimpse for my fans, and not only just my fans, but for getting the respect of new fans.

I want young girls that I mentor and young girls all around the world who want to be a model to be able to see that there's a great deal of sacrifice. So, before you jump into this business, you will get my life. The one thing I'm not doing is I'm not wearing any make-up on the show when I'm just talking to the camera. It's just bare. You see the sweat, you see the tears, you see everything. It's going to be raw and extremely natural.

That sounds like it'll be pretty refreshing watch. Do you already have a network that's picked it up and willing to premiere it?

Jessica White: We do, but I can't talk about it because they have to talk about it first.

No problem. Do you know when we can expect it?

Jessica White: The top of the year. Next year. First thing, next year.

With everything you're doing right now, being so busy with the business yet also dealing with the rumors about your love life and everything you're involved in, how do you maintain your focus?

Jessica White: Because I don't have a love life. That's the funny part. [Laughs.] I don't have a love life. That's the thing, you can't believe everything you read because 90% of whom they said I was dating was a bunch of crap. Put it this way, when I actually confirm that I'm dating someone, then that'll be the truth, do you know what I mean?

Just because you're a woman and you're hanging out with someone—you're friends. I have male friends. It doesn't mean that I'm romantically involved with them and that's the frustrating part. But you know, I don't have a life to speak of and the last relationship I was in was with Sean [Penn]. But that was last year. People will constantly bring that up but I'm just probably forever constantly linked to him. That's just that. That relationship has passed, it's gone, it's over.

But how I keep my focus is by not having a relationship right now, and I'm happy with that because I love my job. My job is my boyfriend. And I'm sure maybe by... I don't know, maybe I'll get into a relationship by December. I like getting into a relationship around Christmas. [Laughs.] But not for the gifts! Just because it's so cold and I like to snuggle. You never know. I've been thinking lately about getting back into a relationship, but this time I can tell you one thing: The next guy I get into a relationship with, and you can quote me on it, he'll be my husband. He's going to have to marry me. You got the exclusive. I've never said that to anybody. [Laughs.]

I'm pretty sure once this comes out you're going to get so many calls. So, I think you should brace yourself for that.

Jessica White: Babe, I already do. I already do [Laughs.]

A lot of your modeling colleagues are branching off into acting careers. Is that something you're interested in doing in the future as well?

Jessica White: I've always done method acting. I'm a method actor and I've done that for years. I never did acting and decided to take it seriously because all the parts people want me to do were playing the pretty role. If I want to play someone pretty, I'll play myself. I'm not a method actor and deeply involved in the craft of it for no reason. When I do it, expect me to be in a very dramatic role.

I don't even need to have a starring role. I told my agent, I said, "To be honest with you, give me three seconds on the screen where I'm playing an addict or something." Those are the roles, for me, that are powerful. The first time I actually really do it, that's what you're probably going to see from me.

Is that something you want to do soon?

Jcomplex-interview-jessica-white-4essica White: I have so many people that are pushing me into it, even casting directors. They're saying I'm extremely talented and I can do it. But I guess first thing is first. I'm not saying no to it. What I'm doing is I'll read for parts, that's something i have to do, but it's not going to be my main focus. I feel like when the right part comes along, it'll just be there for me.

But I'm definitely interested in acting, as well as my singing career, but these are things you have to strategically do, especially when you're famous for being a model. I'm going to do everything. I can tell you that much. Before I leave the earth, I'll have released a bunch of albums and a bunch of movies. I'm going to do it all. It's just that I have to strategically position myself on how I do it so that the world receives it.

With everything you want to take on, what's the one thing you want to be remembered for?

Jessica White: Passion. That I was a passionate person. That's the only thing I care for the world to know. They all don't have to like me, but I just want them to know that I was passionate in everything I did. Passionate and full of love.

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