Bridesmaids, the new Kristen Wiig-driven comedy (in theaters today), could not have come out at a better time: wedding season. From May through September, intimate church ceremonies and destination weddings are happening all over the nation, i.e. a smorgasboard of sensitive, single bridesmaids will be laid out on banquet tables (so to speak).

With tear-jerking wedding vows, adorable flower girls and Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" playing during first dances, bridesmaids will get teasing glimpses of the future that they won't be willing to manifest more than at a time like this. There will be a void in their hearts that single bridal-party-members will be looking to fulfill in any way, and that's where you come in. But it's not entirely simple to be Prince Charming-'til-the-clock-strikes-three-AM; this is a classier setting than "Singles Night" at your dive bar. That's why, before you dive into those wedding invitations, we're prepping you with ten foolproof tip on How To Bag A Bridesmaid