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Remember when the last Final Destination movie, titled The Final Destination was supposed to be, you know, the horror franchise's final destination? Well, as it turned out, that movie went on to make a bunch of money during its opening weekend, so we’ve now been graced with the existence of Final Destination 5. And the new trailer is as predictable as you'd expect.

The formula remains the same: Some dude (Nicholas D’Agosto) gets a premonition of a big accident that kills everybody, then it happens and he manages to save some people, but those people were meant to die and Death is kind of a stingy bitch so she (or he?) takes care of them all one by one.

If you’re anything like us, you’re just interested in the gore, and this installment doesn’t seem like it’s going to disappoint; acupuncture and laser eye surgery are just two of the ways that the poor characters are going to meet their grizzly ends. The trailer's tone, meanwhile, hints at a much darker affair than the previous Final Destination sequels. Yet we're still feeling apathetic.

Made for both regular and 3D screens, Final Destination 5 is set to be released on August 12.