"Usually when people come to Mississippi, they want to eat. That’s the first thing that people want to do. And, of course, I could send you to a lot of the upscale joints that they got out there, but I think people really want to know where the barbecue at. If you want the barbecue, there’s a spot called E & L’s [1111 Bailey Avenue, Jackson]. It’s definitely mom and pop. You know from everybody in there from the cut, you know, their auntie, their uncle, everybody. But the food is the closest I’ve ever tasted to what my mom cook."


"For hamburgers, there’s a place called Stamps [Now known as Cool Al's, 4654 McWillie Drive, Jackson]. I’m not lying to you, they have a 1 lb burger. And I’m not just saying this cause I’m from Mississippi, even though everybody know we have the greatest food in the whole entire world, but Stamps—their hamburgers are off the chain."

Soul Food

"For soul food, you got Gloria’s [2855 Bailey Avenue, Jackson] and you got a place called Collin’s [1439 Terry Road, Jackson]. And you got Sylvia’s [3060 Medgar Evers Boulevard, Jackson]."