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The original Charlie's Angels television series from the '70s was an international phenomenon that boosted Farrah Fawcett's career into superstardom and drilled the iconic theme music into pop culture history's timeline. The model-like figures of the main cast, occasionally shown off in bikinis, fortified its replay value both in the states and in countries where English isn't the dominant language.

After two well-received blockbuster film adaptations, the Charlie's Angels property has once again been reignited to capture that old hot-chicks-kicking-ass magic. But when it comes to most television reboots, not only do they lack originality, but they're also incapable of topping the original. So after watching the trailer for the new Charlie's Angels (which will premiere on ABC this fall), we're not all that impressed.

For those of you who aren't familiar, the premise follows a trio of bombshell females who give up their crime-ridden pasts to take out bad guys for a mysterious boss who speaks to them through speakerphone. Somehow, someway, they're equipped with martial arts skills and can operate multiple vehicles and firearms. The tidbits in this first official promo show us that that part of the show is properly executed, and with the attractive leads (Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rachael Taylor) are all eye-candy-certified. But the actual quality seems to be on the cheesier side of generic TV fare.

Charlie's Angels will begin airing this fall on Thursday nights. We'll at least give the first episode a try.