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NBA star Blake Griffin is trying his hardest to land a role in id Software’s upcoming apocalyptic blockbuster, RAGE.  There’s only one problem:  Blake doesn’t seem to realize that RAGE is a shooter.  In the video, which will air in condensed form during the NBA Finals in June, Blake dons a motion-capture suit, squares off against an army of basketball player cutouts and even dunks on a live tiger in an attempt at impressing RAGE’s development team.  We’ll see if he makes the cut when the game releases on September 13, but don’t wait until then to buy it.  Pre-order RAGE now and receive a free upgrade to the Anarchy Edition, which includes a smattering of in-game goodies:

• Fists of Rage
• Double Barrel Shotgun 
• Crimson Elite Armor
• Rat Rod Buggy