Don’t expect any hate here: Turner & Hooch is tons of asinine fun, and we’ll gladly defend its honor if anyone disagrees. When giving this one a look, it’s best to shut the movie off right before the climactic shootout, because—SPOILER ALERT—Hooch (played by a slobbering French Mastiff named Beasley) gets shot and killed in a finale that’s an out-of-place downer for an otherwise enjoyable buddy comedy.

Full disclosure: A few tears were shed the first time we saw Hooch go out in a blaze of glory. And that’s because Beasley is so damn entertaining prior to the movie’s tragic conclusion. Tom Hanks, giving an admirably self-aware performance, is the Bud Abbott to Beasley’s Lou Costello, huffing and puffing at every one of the mutt’s rambunctious actions (such as eating sneakers and drooling all over an expensive home entertainment center).

Turner & Hooch came out right after Hanks’ breakthrough comic turn in 1988’s Big, meaning he wasn’t big enough yet to turn down such a goofy project. At least that’s what Hollywood historians will claim, but we know the truth: Hanks was lucky to work with Beasley, not the other way around.