In what appears to be Freaky Friday for the toilet humor crowd, The Change-Up centers on Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) and Dave (Jason Bateman), two men who are dissatisfied with life. Dave wants freedom from his mundane routine of marriage and fatherhood, while sex-crazed Mitch wants nothing more than to settle down. As both friends look at the other as having the perfect life, they, of course, magically and randomly switch bodies.

This plot has been done to death, and while both Bateman and Reynolds always have the potential to be hilarious, this flick just seems like another late summer release that will be quickly forgotten. Also, the trailer sure tries to hit plenty of funny notes, but the over-reliance on gross-out humor doesn’t help advertise the movie as anything but typical and mindless.

With a talented cast that includes Reynolds, Bateman, Leslie Mann, and Olivia Wilde, along with the director of Wedding Crashers, David Dobkin, it’s hard to imagine this movie not having a few genuinely funny moments. But, judging by the trailer, it looks like everyone is simply going through the motions.

The Change-Up opens on August 5.