South Park

How is it that South Park has gone 209 episodes without spoofing Apple? The veteran animated satirical series has poked fun at Nintendo with the classic "Okama Gamesphere" and at Segway with Mr. Garrison's uncomfortable "It." The show has even parodied Apple's commercials, mimicking iPad ads in advertisements for its own upcoming season. But somehow Apple and its notorious fanbase have so far been unscathed by South Park proper, an oversight that looks like it will be corrected in the show's 15th season opener this Wednesday.

In the teaser above, a suitably grandiose Steve Jobs unveils the "HumancentiPad," a "revolutionary" device that doesn't look like something you'd want under the Christmas tree. Given Apple's steadfast refusal to allow a South Park app in the App Store, we're guessing Matt and Trey have got a fair share of zingers stored up for the tech giant.

And of course, as South Park itself would be quick to point out, The Simpsons did it.