Robert Zemeckis Wants Denzel Washington To Take "Flight"

Robert Zemeckis Wants Denzel Washington To Take "Flight"

"Loosely attached" is the best way to describe Denzel Washington's association with Robert Zemeckis' next project entitled Flight.

The story centers on a drug-and-alcohol addicted pilot (possibly Washington) on a collision course towards a sobering experience. The unnamed character will "save a flight from an engine malfunction," only to find himself under a FAA investigation.

Zemeckis' last live-action film, his 2000 hit Cast Away (starring Tom Hanks), is one his all-time best movies, so there's definitely potential here. Recently, he's been at the forefront of stop-motion animation with The Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol

Flight, written by John Gatins (Real Steel), could take off soon with production starting by late summer.

[Via InsidePulse]

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