Eight years after Max Payne 2, Rockstar is bringing the New York detective back...to Brazil. We already knew that Max Payne 3 was on the way, but along with these new screenshots came a handful of details. Narratively, the game takes place eight years after the last, with Payne teetering on the edge of failure; he's got a painkiller addiction and has resorted to working private security for a wealthy family in Sao Paulo. Technologically, R* is crowing about a number of new features in the game:

Shoot-dodge is not a canned animation, but a natural interaction with the environment; Max will reach out to the floor as he dives, and naturally respond to objects in his way if you attempt to dive into a wall or obstacle.
Enemies respond realistically to each bullet fired.
Certain areas in the game that will trigger set pieces involving Bullet-Time. These provide epic moments of action that allow Max to take out enemies in a new interpretation of Max Payne’s signature style.
Bullet-Cams are back to reward players for satisfying final kills
The graphic-novel panels of earlier games have evolved—Rockstar is utilizing in-game assets to create a motion comic-style approach.
Max’s appearance, face and many of his movements in Max Payne 3 are all captured directly from James McCaffrey—the original voice of Max.
• Integrated cover system. Cover adds an extra strategic element to the classic shoot-dodge/bullet-time/run-and-gun mechanics, providing players with new options in any given situation.
Bullets destroy nearly everything in the environment, sweat will appear on Max’s face and shirt as the heat of battle wears on, and blood soaks the clothing of his enemies. You’ll also notice the minute details of the weapons themselves: hammers cock back, slides move, shells expel from the chamber, and literally hundreds more.
Partners and sidekicks will play a large role in Max Payne 3. Hundreds of hours of custom motion-capture were done for individual characters, making traditional in-game encounters completely unique, such as enemies sweeping a room or simply the way Max’s partners will behave as they move through the game.

A release date has still not been confirmed, but sometime this year is looking likely. Max Payne 3 will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.