We're not sure why you would, but if you have anything uploaded to Google Videos that you care about and want to keep, we suggest you go download it back to your computer before Google shuts down the service. Google announced on Friday that all video content hosted on its "Videos" site will be erased after May 13

A "Download" button has been added to user-uploaded videos to allow users to download them back to their computers. The company is telling people to re-upload the videos to YouTube. Why it couldn't do that itself, is anyone's guess. 

Google Videos, which allowed people to upload videos of any length, had a spark when it started in 2005, but was quickly overshadowed by YouTube, which Google purchased a year later in 2006. Since then, the video service has been on a steady decline. Unsurprisingly, YouTube will now be the focus of Google's video strategy.

[via Washington Post