Ecuador Booting U.S. Ambassador Out Over Wikileaks

Ecuador Booting U.S. Ambassador Out Over WikileaksFlickr/Republic of Ecuador

Ecuador has ordered U.S. ambassador Heather Hodges to leave the country "in the shortest time possible," after a diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks on Monday alleged police corruption, which the government denies.

Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino has made it clear that Ecuador doesn't want to break off ties with the United States, but the country doesn't want Hodges around anymore. According to Reuters, "Patino said he had contacted Hodges about cables signed by her that suggested high-level police commanders were aware of corrupt practices and that one embassy official believed the president's office also knew." But Hodges "failed to give a satisfactory explanation to accusations she had made in the diplomatic cable revealed by Wikileaks," the BBC reported.

The United States obviously doesn't want its envoy to leave, but the State Department seems kind of stumped as to what to do. "The Department will examine its options to respond to this Ecuadorean action," State Department spokesman Charles Luoma-Overstreet said in an e-mail to Reuters. Whether it will take any action is another matter.

[Via Reuters, BBC]

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