Earlier, you said something interesting, that you wouldn’t feel like you’re earning your money if you made a romantic comedy. Do those types of mushy characters not appeal to you?

Danielle Harris: I think it would depend more on who I got play opposite; it’s all about that relationship with the other character, regardless of what it is. It would probably be a nice break. I did a movie this year called The Trouble With The Truth, with Lea Thompson, because I’m a huge ’80s geek; I love Back To The Future like you wouldn’t believe. Even though I don’t have any scenes with Lea Thompson, the project appealed to me because my scenes are just all dialogue. It’s me sitting in a diner, talking to my dad, and it felt like acting class. It had been so long since I actually sat down with someone and had a conversation on film, because I’m always doing something.

danielle-harris-hatchet-2There is one thing I’d love to do, though. While a romantic comedy may not seem challenging, it may actually be more challenging than I think it is, since I haven’t done one yet. But I just am dying to work somewhere that’s warm! I know it sounds crazy, but every movie I do I’m absolutely fucking freezing my ass off. [Laughs.] They put me in barely any clothes and in a horrible situation, and it’s too much. [Laughs.]

I was shooting this movie called Shiver, in Portland in December, and we were working in this, like, dilapidated shack, and it was pouring rain, and the shack was infested with fleas and mosquitoes. And while all of the crew was wearing rain gear and have on thermals and jeans and boot and jackets, I’m wearing a skirt and a tank-top. [Laughs.] I had mosquitoes crawling up my skirt, I was getting bit on my ass by fleas, and I was freezing. I told the crew, “Look, I’m freaking out in here! You better set off some flea-bombs in here or else I’m going to lose it.” But then I’m doing a scene where I’m being slammed onto a cop car, and I’m laughing maniacally because I’m loving my life.

So there are very few things that I won’t do, but I’d just love to do a movie in Hawaii or the Bahamas. Somewhere that’s nice and delicious!

Sounds like you need a nice spring break comedy in your life.

Danielle Harris: Oh my God! That would be amazing, but I don’t see that in my future any time soon.

You never know. What makes you say that?

Danielle Harris: People just don’t see me for those kinds of roles. Whenever I audition for a pilot or a film that’s outside the genre, I’m just another name on the list. Nobody really cares, to be honest. But when I walk into a room with an Adam Green, or a Rob Zombie, or a Jim Mickle or any other horror fan, I’m treated like gold. That’s because all of the guys who write and make these movies are fanboys; 99% of them do these movies because they love them, and if they love them then they know who I am. So they’re like, “Oh my god, I grew up watching you! Holy crap, I can’t believe you’re auditioning for my movie!”

That makes me feel really good. But if I walk into an audition for a new Fox pilot, they’re like, “I’m sorry, what’s your name again? Do you have a resume with you?” I’m nothing. So, no matter how good I am in the room, or how big my resume is, they don’t really care. I’m not on their list for those kinds of movies, and that’s fine, because, in this other world, I’m number one on the list and this work is much harder and much more rewarding. I have an amazing career, so I’ll stay here for as long as you guys will let me.

I think it’s safe to say that you won’t get kicked out any time soon.

Danielle Harris: See, that’s why I love what I do!

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