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NERF footballs are awesome. You can toss 'em with the slightest of force and they'll fly in a perfect spiral to their receiver. But just how well are they spiraling through the air? To find out, a group guys stuffed a 9-axis motion sensing pack and a Bluetooth receiver into a NERF football, and developed an Android app to find out. 

The resulting setup, show in the above video, is cable of tracking and reporting all relevant information like throw release speed, time in flight, RPM of the spiral, and spiral wobble. The info is represented in a number of graphs and charts. So you could, in essence, figure out how to perfect your spiral and overall throw.

There's no word on whether or not this app and the in-football tech will be available for purchase, but doesn't taking a NERF football so seriously kind of sap some of the awesomeness out of it? 

[Android And Me via Ubergizmo