That’s right, kids, once again it's tinfoil hat conspiracy time! An announced project for BioWare has been spotted on the Xbox 360 Marketplace’s debug listing. Named Project “Zulu," this game is described as “an adventure beyond your wildest imaginings—fantasy role-playing action adventure in space!”  Apparently, this Mass Dragon Effect Age game is going to be episodic as well, as two episodes are posted, the first of which is titled “Episode One: Too Many Cooks; Spoil The Broth.” This could very well be a red herring or merely placeholders for what will later be the real titles, but real or not, the question is: Do we want a fantasy-in-pace game when BioWare already has two successful franchises that touch those genres?  We’d much prefer them going for a pirate role-playing game set in the Jurassic period…with ninjas. [via Gamesradar]