Fans of Tron: Legacy , stand up. A new short film called Tron: The Next Day surfaced online over the weekend (which you can watch above), and it's a gap-bridging exercise that aims to fill in what happened at ENCOM in the years between the original film and TRON: Legacy, chronicling the underground activities of the "Flynn Lives" movement. While you all may let out a collective sigh of disdain that there are no light bikes or flying discs, there's still plenty of spoilers ahoy for those who haven't seen the Joseph Kosinski reboot.

The video also features original Tron-ites Dan Shor and Bruce Boxleitner reprising their roles of Ram and Alan Bradley (Tron), respectively. There is word of a second Tron 3 teaser video as a hidden easter egg in the Legacy Blu-ray, which will feature Olivia Wilde as Quorra and Cillian Murphy as Ed Dillinger Jr. With TRON: Legacy having grossed over $395 million worldwide, you can bet that Disney is hoping that lightning strikes thrice for the futuristic franchise.