East versus West is no longer a relevant argument. However, debating the supremacy of certain emcees always makes for lively conversation. In the case of Biggie and Tupac, the conversation is tinged with sadness but ultimately anything that functions as an excuse to revisit the catalogs of these legends is a positive thing

In that spirit, Seattle's Nectar Lounge presents Tupac vs. Biggie, a party pitting tracks from each artist against each other. DJ Phantom and Dorsia will work the ones and twos, running through the discographies of each titan. They'll drop some other '90s classics into the mix to keep things vibrant. If you're a hip-hop head or if you're just looking to dig on good music, this is where you should spend your Friday night.

Tupac vs. Biggie
Friday, March 25
8 p.m.
Nectar Lounge
412 North 36th St, Seattle
Tickets $5 (at the door)