Taking a look at all the new and novel ways technophiles can interact with their gadgets, it makes you wonder what could possibly be next. We have computers and phones you control by swiping your finger across the screen and gaming consoles you control by simply moving your body. What could be better than that? Mind control, duh! But while technological telekinesis isn't yet possible, here's the next best thing: controlling your computer with your eye movements.

Swedish tech company Tobii, and laptop-maker Lenovo have built a prototype that lets you do just that. Unveiled this week in Hanover, Germany, the system uses inferred cameras to photograph your eyes as you track a ball on the screen. Once it's gotten a lock on your eyes, it figures out exactly where your eyes are in 3D space. We're not sure how you select something, or how you would actually do anything with the technology, but that's fine. It's still a prototype and Tobii doesn't expect it to trickle down to consumer tech for a while.

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