The Mortal Kombat reboot coming our way in April (April 19, to be exact) has engendered a buzz that's half-excited and half-nervous. People are amped that the series is going back to its 2D roots, but there's always a little anxiety knowing that a childhood relic is getting the modern-day treatment (Transformers x Michael Bay, anyone?). But now it looks like we're all getting a little amuse bouche (look it up) in the form of a demo for the game. It's a three-tier rollouw: PlayStation Plus members get access on March 8 (that's Tuesday!); all other worldwide PSN users get it March 15; and it's coming to Xbox Live...well, "later." We don't yet know when exactly "later" is, but hopefully it won't take as long as the Call of Duty: Black Ops single-player demo, which just hit Xbox Live yesterday—almost four months after the game actually came out.