Green Lantern #63

What it’s about: Green Lantern
What to expect this month:Green LanternWar of the Green LanternsGreen Lantern: Rebirth Sinestro Corps WarBlackest Night

Sweet Tooth #19

What it’s about:The RoadSweet Tooth
What to expect this month: Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth

Chew #17

What it’s about: ChewChew
What to expect this month:ChewChew

Deadpool #32.1

What it’s about: DeadpoolDeadpool
What to expect this month:
Point OneDeadpool

Marvel Zombies Supreme #1

What it’s about: Marvel ZombiesMarvel Zombies
What to expect this month: Marvel Zombies SupremeMarvel ZombiesThe Walking DeadMarvel Zombies

Thor and Loki Blood Brothers HC (Collects Loki #1-4, Journey Into Mystery #85, and Journey Into Mystery #112)

What it’s about: Thor