In a tight economy, it's not always clear what you should spend your hard-earned money on, and with comic books getting more and more expensive, your dollar doesn’t go as far at the comic shop as it did in the past. We here at Complex feel your pain, so we've decided to compile a weekly list of which books are truly worth your money. Here's a rundown of the best comics coming out on March 2, 2011.

Green Lantern #63

What it’s about: As one of DC’s most important and best written books at this time, Green Lantern is the crux of the company. Every major event and character seems to be involved in Geoff Johns’ seven-plus year classic run on the book, and the character shows no signs of slowing down, either; sales and interest are as high as ever. It’s strange to think that right before Johns became the writer this book was constantly on the brink of cancellation and irrelevance.
What to expect this month: For newcomers, now is the perfect time to start reading Green Lantern, as this issue is a prologue to the upcoming storyline, War of the Green Lanterns. Johns is tying up loose ends dating as far back as Green Lantern: Rebirth and the Sinestro Corps War with this storyline, and it promises to be more important and epic than 2009’s Blackest Night. If the upcoming movie (starring Ryan Reynolds) has piqued your interest in the character, then Johns’ run is essential in fully understanding Green Lantern and his world.

Sweet Tooth #19

What it’s about: In a post-apocalyptic world, a new generation of humans are born mutated into human/animal hybrids. These hybrids must navigate their way through a wasteland that's populated by people who only wish them harm. Blending aspects from timeless fairytales and bleak apocalyptic stories like The Road, Sweet Tooth is a shining example of a comic book that breaks free from the shackles of the superhero genre to have a voice of its own.
What to expect this month: This issue of Sweet Tooth is both vastly different from the others and also welcoming for new readers. Featuring a collection of short side stories rather than one linear issue, Matt Kindt, Nate Powell, and Emil Lenox join Jeff Lemire to each tell tales set in the Sweet Tooth world. This is a great point for people to start reading this highly acclaimed series.

Chew #17

What it’s about: Hands down, Chew is the best comic on shelves. With a great mix of bizarre humor and over-the-top plots, writer John Layman has put the funny back into American comics. Set in a world where the “bird flu” has made eating poultry illegal, Chew follows the adventures of FDA Agent Tony Chu as he cracks down on the illegal poultry trade. It also happens that Chu is a Cibopath, meaning he gets psychic impressions from the food that he eats. This means that nibbling on a murdered corpse can give him the clues he needs in order to bring the murderer to justice. Cannibalistic fun for the whole family!
What to expect this month: What happens when a burning message from another world and a vegetable from outer space all wind up in Tony’s lap? Chaos! Chew is always very reader friendly and contains an introductory page in order to catch new readers up to the story's latest installment. So be sure to get Chew this week as it’s the most unique comic currently available.

Deadpool #32.1

What it’s about: Marvel has been going absolutely overboard when it comes to Deadpool as of late. Some weeks there could be as many as three Deadpool books hitting stores, but the main Deadpool series is the one to always watch. Daniel Way has a knack for writing the homicidal mutant with a sadistic charm. For anyone that enjoys horribly disfigured anti-heroes who constantly break the fourth wall, Deadpool should definitely be on your radar.
What to expect this month:
In another installment of Marvel’s “Point One” initiative, Deadpool #32.1 gives new readers an opportunity to jump aboard the book without feeling lost. This issue features Deadpool going toe-to-toe with the Wrecker, and sets up new storylines for the future while trying to attract fresh readers. Definitely worth a pick-up!

Marvel Zombies Supreme #1

What it’s about: Taking advantage of the massive influx of recent zombie success, Marvel has unleashed some brain-eating action of its own with various Marvel Zombies miniseries that always rank among the year’s top-selling books. While mixing a good amount of humor and horror, Marvel Zombies offers an unsettling look at a Marvel Universe gone berserk.
What to expect this month: With the launch of Marvel Zombies Supreme, writer Frank Marraffino imagines a world where the Squadron Supreme gets zombified! Marvel promises that this will be “the most gore-soaked chapter of the Marvel Zombies saga yet!” People who enjoy a little ultra-violence will find much to love about this book. While not as serious or unsettling as The Walking Dead, the Marvel Zombies books have always proven to be some good ol’ fashioned mindless fun.

Thor and Loki Blood Brothers HC (Collects Loki #1-4, Journey Into Mystery #85, and Journey Into Mystery #112)

What it’s about: It’s here! One of the best Thor/Loki stories ever has been re-released in beautiful hardcover format. For years, this book was commanding a small fortune on eBay, but now it’s easily attainable with bonus material. This book tells the Asgard story from Loki’s perspective. After Loki gains control of Asgard, his deepest desires are finally realized. Writer Rob Rodi explores Loki’s relationship with his father Odin, his feelings towards Sif, and his hatred of Thor. Esad Ribic provides beautifully painted art that alone justifies the book's price tage. If you can’t wait for Thor to be released in theaters, or just aren’t willing to pay the steep eBay prices, here is your chance to own one of the best Thor stories yet.