Even though he has, like, thirty projects to focus on, it seems J.J. Abrams is gracing the world with yet another one of his sure-to-be hit TV shows. This time, Person of Interest, about an ex-CIA agent who has moved on to fighting crime in the big apple and answers to some billionaire dude. You know, like a one-chick Charlie’s Angel crew or something.

Anyway, that’s happening, and today, Vulture announced that the show has a lead face! We’re sure you already know who it is from the picture above and the headline you clicked to get to this article, but for the sake of being thorough and professional, it's Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson!

Henson will be playing the aforementioned ex-CIA agent turned crime fighter alongside Lost alum Michael Emerson. This isn’t the only project that Emerson and Abrams are working on together. Another pilot titled Odd Jobs was also set to star Emerson, but was pushed back allowing for Emerson to take a role in this show as well.

The show is one of many projects that Abrams’ name is attached to at the moment, so we can guarantee it’ll be good for at least a few episodes before he forgets and moves on to something else. We’re already setting our DVRs in anticipation.