In February, Ricky Gervais blogged about Will Arnett being his choice to replace Steve Carell on The Office. Perhaps he has more pull than anyone realized. EW reports that Arnett will make a guest appearance on the season finale of the NBC comedy, though producers warn that Arnett's arrival doesn't necessarily mean he'll replace Carell next fall.

In an effort to throw off the scent a little -- or maybe to just be totally awesome -- Gervais will also appear on the finale (as David Brent, naturally), while Will Ferrell is scheduled to appear, too. In essence, The Office finale will be like the Miami Heat of comedy. Let's hope for some better results, though.

Back to Arnett, for a second: If he does replace Carell, doesn't that seem just spot-on? Arnett is not only beloved, but he's also "television famous." He's a name that isn't too big for the room, but that is big enough for NBC to market all summer. He also has that same comedic sensibility as Carell. In the end, Arnett seems like the ideal type of person The Office could hope to cast. That an Arnett-led Office would air in front of Amy Poehler's Parks and Recreation is only a bonus; think of all the "our sitcom stars are married!" promos NBC could run! Stay tuned...

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