Fit a large cardboard box over your torso, place the box for a 12-pack of beer (you and your compatriots have already drank the contents) over your head, fashion a plank of cardboard into a sword, and you're ready for war. That's the premise for Boxwars: Fight or Be Recycled, an epic melee occurring at CELLspace in San Fran Friday night. Punk outfits Bum City Saints and the 132 will perform to get everyone ready to exchange cardboard-on-cardboard blows. We have so few outlets for physical aggression—don't you feel ready to thwack someone with a corrugated sword?

Boxwars: Fight or Be Recycled
Friday, March 11
8 p.m.
2050 Bryant St, San Francisco
Tickets $7 / Free if you come armed