Despite 2006's sloppy X-Men: The Last Stand causing geeks worldwide to question their faith in humanity, Fox has decided to take yet another stab at the X-Men franchise with the release of this summer’s X-Men: First Class. However, Fox is taking a novel approach to this film by actually bringing some talent and style to the X universe by hiring director Matthew Vaughn.

Empire has released a new image from the film that is both visually appealing and intriguing because it's the first clear shot of Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) and Emma Frost (January Jones) together in their Hellfire Club lair. This one picture alone has more visual flare than what most of the other comic flicks are shelling out. But then again, this movie is still being produced by the same studio that brought us the “memory erasing adamantium bullet” from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. So you may want to say a few Hail Mary prayers before plunking down $10 for this bad boy.

X-Men: First Class will hit theaters on June 3.