Actually, its the "Poking Inventor Action Figure".

After canceling production of its Steve Jobs action figure due to impending legal action from Apple, gadget and novelty maker M.I.C. has set its sights on another tech titan: Mark Zuckerberg.

In order to avoid a legal battle with the Facebook creator, M.I.C. opted not to change the name of the adidas sandal-sporting toy. So even though it looks exactly like Zuckerberg—and has a Facebook logo, "Poke" sign, and "Like" sign—the M.I.C. is safe. The company calls the Poking Inventor, "the most friendly toy we have ever seen."

If, for whatever reason, you want to cop one, head over to the M.I.C. store and be prepared to drop a very unlikeable $70.

[via NYT]