Available quarterly on every format known to man (excecpt for 8-track, which is played out), Electric Literature is a multi-medium literary journal whose goal is to "return the short story to a place of prominence in popular culture," a goal we can get behind (Jim Shepard: let's get it!). While old-school publications like The Paris Review stick to ink and bound pages, Electric Lit makes their stories available on the eBook, Kindle, iPhone; audio versions are even available.

Tonight's reading will feature stories from Rick Moody, Lydia Millet, and Joy Williams. Moody makes sense on the setlist—dude has published a story that unfolds via a radio DJ's playlist, making him something of a smug formalist. Performing these writers' words will be comedian Mike Birbiglia, actor John Lithgow, actress Aya Cash (Traffic Light), and This American Life regular David Rakoff. Birgbiglia's stand-up special What I Should Have Said Is Nothing is hysterical, and Lithgow killed it in Cliffhanger—this is can't miss. Plus there's going to be free rum.

Selected Shorts: Stories from Electric Literature
Wednesday, March 2
7 p.m.
Peter Jay Sharp Theater
144 West 66th St, New York
Tickets $15 (at the door)